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  "I have had the great honor of serving the people of District One for three terms on the Board of County Commissioners and one term on the Board of Education. I was proud to be at the forefront in the fight to have neighborhood schools, to demand setting and implementing budget priorities, to better define the real world impact of tax incentives as they relate to business recruitment and growth.  I have never voted for a property tax increase and voted for the only decrease in property taxes in well over a decade in 2003.


I continue to support:

  • Lowest Responsible Tax Rates with Priority Based Budgeting

  • Efficient, Open, and Accountable Governance

  • Performance Based Staff Compensation

  • Parent and Student Centered School Management

  • Business Growth Directed Regulation and Support

  • Realistic Transportation Policies

  • Safe, Secure and Affordable Police Services



As a father, husband, business owner and former Commissioner, I look forward to returning to the County Commission and start shining the bright light of accountability, personal responsibility, and realistically responsible tax policy right where I left off."


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